Precast Concrete Panels | Located in OHIO - materials - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)






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Precast Concrete Panels | Located in OHIO - materials - by dealer - sale - craigslist (1)

condition: new

make / manufacturer: HEAVY-DUTY


size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MORE⬇️MATERIALS

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QUESTIONS?? CALL US @ 877-282-USED (8733)

ALL LOCATED @👉2300 Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, OH 44444

🟢$530.00 | 91"x28"x16"x6"-1,000lbs
🟢$280.00 | 91"x35-1/4"x10"-2,800lbs
🟢$160.00 | 91"x36"x6"-1,700lbs
🟢$210.00 | 91"x48-1/4"x34-1/4"x6"-2,100lbs
🟢$530.00 | 91"x72"x10"-5,300lbs
🟢$440.00 | 91"x72"x8"-4,400lbs
🟢$150.00 | 91"x37-3/4"x26"x6"-w/ 4" weephole-1,500lbs
🟢$190.00 | 91"x45-1/2"x36-3/4"x6"-w/ 4" weephole-1,900lbs
🟢$210.00 | 91"x48-1/2"x36-1/2"x6"-w/ 4" weephole-2,100lbs
🟢$280.00 | 91"x60"x6"-w/ 12" hole-2,800lbs
🟢$280.00 | 91"x62.5"x6"-l w/ 4" weephole and 12" hole-2,800lbs
🟢$440.00 | 91"x72"x8"-w/ 4" weephole-4,400lbs
🟢$220.00 | Tapered-95"x11"x12"x24"-2,200lbs
🟢$160.00 | Tapered-91"x36-1/2"x34"x6"-1,600lbs

Weights are approx. | BRING A TRAILER***
Material: Concrete
Condition: Un-Used
Quantity Sold: Individually
Shipping Method: LTL, Truck load, or Local Pick Up
Shipping Note: May require extra time for shipping & handling | Please speak to your sales representative for additional information and inventory
Please Contact Us for a Custom Shipping Quote @ 877-282-USED (8733)
backSTORY: These precast concrete panels were a part of the Army Corp of Engineers flood remediation project. The project had called for two big retaining walls but only one was erected. These panels are from the second retaining wall that was never built. How will you “reuse” or “repurpose” these precast concrete panels?

Product Note: Some Panels may have weep holes – please see pictures for reference.

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Questions?? Call Us @ 877-282-8733 (USED)
Come view this item and SO MUCH MORE----
repurposedMATERIALS | OHIO Location

2300 Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, OH 44444
OPEN to the PUBLIC | Hours: 9-5 pm | Monday -Friday
No Appointment Necessary

We Accept Cash, Check and All Major Credit Cards
We Have Equipment to Unload on Site

LEARN MORE about our Mission/Concept of “repurposing”:

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We BUY – SELL – TRADE all kinds of materials! If you don’t want it, WE MIGHT!
Got Stuff? We're interested in your obsolete stuff...
ex: materials, equipment, inventory, chemicals, machinery, product, etc... anywhere in the United States.

If you don't want it, we might! Call Damon w/ details @ 720.615.0281.
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    Precast Concrete Panels | Located in OHIO - materials - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)


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