The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (2024)


Jessica Mahgerefteh

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (1)

Jessica Mahgerefteh

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Published on 02/29/24 12:11PM

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The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (2)

In a world full of uncertainties, one thing we know to be true is that cloth face coverings may be here to stay.

Nothing against disposable face masks, but the market is flooded with reusable options that are stylish, comfortable, sustainable, and—most importantly—effective at reducing the spread of germs, so why not make the switch? To help you sort through the bevy of options, we asked our editors to share their absolute favorites.

Keep scrolling for the best cloth face masks worth investing in, according to our editors.

If your current mask is causing chin-area breakouts (also known as maskne), try switching to this 100% silk option from beloved brand Slip—available in Leopard, Black, and two Pink hues.

"When I spoke to my derm about a recent onslaught of breakouts around my chin and upper lip, she mentioned it could very well be from the friction of face masks rubbing against my skin," says Byrdie Associate Editor Holly Rhue. "I promptly switched to this silk mask and I couldn't be happier with the results. The silk material reduces friction between your skin and the mask (just like a silk pillowcase does for your hair and skin) and always feels soft and cool to the touch—a welcomed sensation during NYC summers."

Price at time of publish:$39

The 8 Best Silk Pillowcases, Tested and Reviewed

At just $5 apiece, this face mask set is one you don't want to be without. You get five breathable, dual-layer masks with lightweight, adjustable ear hoops that won't cause discomfort like some of the thicker elastics. Most of the sets come in an assortment of colors, so you can pick and choose a mask based on your day's outfit.

Vida Protective Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (5)

Available in eight single shades, you won't find any funky prints or patterns on these masks. Simple yet chic, they're made with two layers of 100% cotton, adjustable straps, and an invisible metal nose piece for a snug fit. What we love most though is that they're equipped with a multi-layer PM2.5 filter that you don't have to buy separately—until you want to replace it, that is.

And for a limited time, you'll get two complimentary Made in California masks when you spend $70 or more with code GIFTMASKS.

Price at time of publish:$10

When washing this mask, be sure to remove the filter first. The brand recommends replacing the filter every seven days.

Kalypso Harvey Love Your Skin Face Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (6)

Society6 is home to dozens upon dozens of reusable face masks with unique designs from talented artists including Kalypso Harvey, who uses her art to pay off student loans. This particular mask is crafted with a poly fabric, pleated front, and elastic ear loops. There's even an inner pocket where you can insert your own disposable filter.

Price at time of publish:$27

INEX GEAR The Better Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (7)

This is one of the most comfortable cloth face masks I've tried, and that's saying a lot because I've tried more than I can count on two hands. In addition to the adjustable ear loops and soft feel, this mask boasts not one, not two, but three layers for the ultimate protection against germs and airborne contaminants. It fits snug to the face but not to the point of making you feel suffocated, which—after all of the masks I've tried—I can attest is no easy feat.

Price at time of publish:$26

Abacaxi Cotton Face Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (8)

Created by South Asian-American designer Sheena Sood, these masks are a bright and colorful addition to any wardrobe. In addition to the fun prints, they boast two layers of deadstock cotton and an inside pocket for a filter insert. Choose from four different sizes, including options for kids.

"I've really liked these printed masks I got from Abacaxi," says Byrdie Group Editorial Director Elspeth Velten. "The brand is Brooklyn-based and BIPOC-owned!"

Price at time of publish:$30

Lirika Matoshi Daisy Face Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (9)

These masks are just the prettiest. Made to match the brand's signature dresses, these feature a 100% cotton inner lining and hand-sewn daisy embroideredflowers made of polyamide tulle. "I love the design of these!" says Byrdie Senior Social Media Manager Kelly Gallagher. "The one thing to noteis that they are tie-on, not the over-ear kind."

Prefer sequins? Gallagher also loves the brand's Flower Sequin Face Mask which is just as much of a treat for the eyes.

Price at time of publish:$50

EvolveTogether We Stand Together Face Masks

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (10)

Byrdie Editorial Director Faith Xue is simply obsessed with these face masks. "They're the only FDA-registered, consumer-facing medical-grade maskand also happen to bethe most breathable, light, and comfortable masks I've tried," she says. "Plus, they come in 100% biodegradable packaging and donate to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Covenant House New York to protect Black Lives Matter protestors and homeless youth. They've already donated over 15,000 masks! What's not to love?"

Price at time of publish:$9

Azazie Matte Satin Reusable Face Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (11)

Fancier than your average cotton mask, these satin beauties come in—count 'em—71 different colorways. There's blues, pinks, purples, you name it, so you won't be hard-pressed on finding one to match your outfits—that's for certain. They're also super affordable at just $5 apiece, and the adjustable ear loops ensure a secure fit for almost all face shapes and sizes.

Parachute Face Mask

The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (12)

Parachute is known for their comfortable bedding and linens, and they use that very same fabric to curate these ultra-soft and luxe face masks. They're available in sets of five and come in a range of colors and patterns. Best of all, Parachute will match every purchase by donating a set to those in need.

What To Look For in a Cloth Face Mask

A Good Fit

Your face mask should completely cover your mouth and nose, so make sure your cloth mask is cut accordingly. When shopping online, look at photos of people wearing the mask in question to determine if the fit is correct.

Adjustable Straps

Because the sizing on cloth masks can vary, adjustable elastic straps are great for ensuring that it fits snugly against your face.

A Filter Insert

The option to add a disposable filter within your cloth face mask helps to increase its efficacy as multiple layers are recommended to filter the air.


  • Are cloth face masks effective?

    According to the CDC, cloth face masks may be slightly less effective than their medical, N95, or KN95 counterparts due to their filtration, but they can provide protection when used correctly. While it’s recommended that healthcare workers use a medical mask, cloth masks can certainly be used in community settings and should be washed regularly to decontaminate them.

  • How often should I wash my cloth face mask?

    The CDC recommends that you wash your cloth mask daily after high exposure or whenever it becomes dirty or damp. No need to throw it in with your load of laundry—simply hand-washing your mask and allowing it to air-dry will do.

  • How often should the filters be replaced?

    Just as you should wash your cloth mask daily, the CDC also recommends changing your filter daily or as often as every 12 hours if you’re in a high-exposure setting.

Important Note

The majority of these reusable cloth face masks are not medical grade, nor do they claim to prevent or treat any viruses, including COVID-19. They are simply methods for reducing the spread of germs through face touching, coughs, sneezes, etc. For the best line of protection, it's important to practice social distancing and maintain good hygiene and handwashing routines, in addition to wearing personal protective gear like face masks.

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The 10 Cloth Face Masks Our Editors Wear Day In and Day Out (2024)


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