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mmom mmi tribune i -r six pages or rorjiMriy Th Seymour Dally Republican Conao.ldated- With Th Seymour Dally Democrat SEYMOUR, INTUANA, NOVFMBF.U 17, 1H2X NOW SEASON ENGLAND FAVORS HEWER ALIGNMENT on I Five Companies Bid on Supplying City With Modern Equipment for Fire Department. COUNCIL DEFERS DECISION Sewage System Plans Brought up By Ahlbrand Who Has Been Talkinn With Hurd. Stating that they deemed it ad visable to further consider the bids submitted by various fire companies over the country on -neW pumper truck and a hook and ladder truck for the city of council- men last night1 voted to make' their meeting nn adjourned session until next Fridav night when they will take final action on (he bids sub initted for the firo equipment. The bids were received by the board of safety Friday afternoon, opened, nd were considered by those otTl ials and last night were placed be fore the city council Four companies submitted bids to the board. of safety.

The prices on 500, 600 und 750 gallon pumper trucks and hook nnd ladder wagons vdonuate for the size of Seymour lid not vary greatly. Following are the companies sub inittini; bids nnd' the amounts of thei? bids, as announced hy William O. Young, secretary of the board of safety: Ahrons-Fox 750-gallon ca pacity, $13,100 cash. Hook and Sea graves 750- rnllon capacity, (500-gallon. 500-gallont sen- ice trucK, jki.uuu..

American L.n FYance Triple Vombination 750-gal Ion capacity pumper, (500- gullon, combination 750-, gallon pumper and service truck, 620,500. Sfut z750-gnlloii capacity, .12,500 less 10 per making if 600-gullon, $10,250 less live per cent. service truck, service truck and pumper of GOD- gallon "capacity combined, service truck with 40-gaJlon chemi cal tank, 235 feet of ladder, $7,000. Obenehain-Boyer triple combina tion pumper 300-gallon capacity, combination service wagon and 300-gallon pump, $7,500. Although several of the council- men favor a truck of 000-gallon ch- pneitv.

the ihnjority of them feel that a 750-gnllon pumper is neces- snrv for the needs, of the city. In discussing the pumper with the board of safety it was. shown that although a 750-raIlon pumper will not be needed at the majority of PRICE THREE CENTS. After Speech He Leaves With Wife And Attorneys Saying He is Being Humiliated. NEAR RIOT THEN FOLLOWS Governor's Advantages Swept Away When Klan Issues Suddenly Again Become Foremost.

Tiy Inlrrnntioiml Sw Srrvlre. Senate Chanibcr, OklAlioma November 17. la a dram.atie address to the court this morning, uovcrnor J. Walton an nounced that he' wruM withdr.iv with his attorneys from the trial. Walton, after a brief talk accompanied by Mrs.

aHni and his attorneys, man-bed out 'if the courtroom. The stale announced it would' continue the trial. Walton remo'. al from olliire was considen'd retain, as he will offer no defense. "1 bae been sitting here for" ten days watching my trial, niton lectured in voice filled willi emo tion.

"1 want to crilici.e anv mcinber of the' court. No there nre some nieinbers who desii? to iiive me a fair trial. "But it is plain to see that I not get a just hearing in this coiirf, "Therefore, 1 nni wiihdrawin'i with my attorneys from this courtroom. You niav proceed as you "Nothing I caii offer will change the situation. "1 do not rare to subject mwdf to hnmiTitftion, lior do I care to sub ject my family to this flovenior Walton sensational withdrawal followed action of the 4-Mtf in ret using pmiuit biction of testimony as to why be issued special olice coinniission verdict wJiIch excluded fro't the rci-ord all evidence on article.

1IJ cluuye'd' that he unlawfully issued police commissions, A near riot occurred in the, eouri-roOiu President pro tem Tom Amrlin dr- dared he had bwn informed tha.t ulipoenns for all defense' witnesses should be Avithdrawn. Spramie, an attorney for the governoY, who had remnined unnoticed, jumped to his feet nnd denied the assertion." Aujrlin hurled nn inkwell at Sprngue, but narrowly missed him. Senators and the" court marshals rushed between the two men as thev went together. No blood Mas The inkwell resounded nuainst a desk. A half-hour recess was called.

-Excitement. reigned in a tremen-. onsly tense situntion, By International Nwi Service, Senate Chamber, Oklahoma City, November 17. Bep'dsed at over move to inject Ku Kiuxism staggered by last hour coups of the state, Governor C. Walton ww lecidedly on the defensive when his UIIWSOU VOLOIE XLII NO.

270 Breaks- Out On Third Floor Near Closet Where Debris Is Kept Next To Crick Flue. WATER DAMAGE IS GREATES Reliable Furniture Co. Loses From Water Masonic HaM Will Have To Undergo Repairs Fire, which is believed (rt have originated from a defective flue, boke out on the third iloor Masonic Temple "on We st Second street this morning nt 10 o'clock, causing a damage estimated nt more than $10,000. The blaze fortunately was di covered before it had pained much headway, by II. T.

Platter, who sides in the house west oft tht Masonic Temple, and' the fire depart incut succeeded in checking the eon fiagratic within a. short time, after it was discovered! Createst damage was done by smoke and water, which ran 'from the' top of the building to the first floor, damaging plastering nnd 'office furnishimrs throughout the west side of the building. Melvin Jerrell, chief of the 111 de partment stated that in his belief there js no doubt that the life originated- from a defective flue on the west side the building. The blaze started in a sma'I closet on the third floor in the hallway leading into'- the main entrance of the lodge rooms. The compartment is built next to the flue and r8 filb'd with clothing and rairs which -ore.

thought to" have become by the defective fine. Two strings of fire hose were ruato (lie seat of the b'nze and within snort nine me ttremen lind ex tijigui'sbed it before it had eaten its way through" the roof cfthe bnilding. a large quantity: or water was used as the fire had worked ils way for considerable distance between the outside wall find the plastering nix! had spread over a large area. The fire Was when Mr, Plotter had stepped out of his house nnd heard glass falling from the small Mindow in the compartment where the blaze originated. On hearing the glass fall he glanced up ward to determine the reason nnd saw flames out of the opening.

In the loss caused by the fire various insurance 'men estimated that it won't! in all probability cost more than to repair the damages. There a large" area of 1 he roof which was-badly- burned that will have to be rebuilt. Much of the plastering which dia not fall. while" the fire was burning will have to be jorn fff because of water damage. all of the rooms on the west aide will have to be redecorated.

Much of the funvshings in. the spacious lodge room of the Masons was considerably, This room will prac- I'VnHy fill liiivc to redecorated it is as it win ii that section of the building that the, fire nnd watpr damage was the greatest. Reliable Furriture company located, on trround floor also Kuffcred some" l)ss' from water dnmaffe. J. B.

Shopnrd, manager of he furniture, stores stated that it would be impossible for him to make an, estimate of the company's loss until had made an examination of 1Jiestoek in the building. t. L. Frost, local manager for the Interstate TubMc Service Company stated that damarre to electric wiring could be placed nt That, the fire started from the flue practically established by the fact that the chimney is cracked from settling oh-its foundation. Alone the outside of the chimney the bricks cracked for some distance and it is believed that the opposite side of chimney i damaged similarly nnd has 'yellowed to iffnite the in the small It is said that when the building was constructed it was necessary to sink load of stone in quicksand which was found in the line ot the building's foundation, and lhat-th'e clijiiiivey is directly, over this part of the foundation.

The chimney consequently. has settled wore rapidly lhnri the remainder- of the fri'indatiojU which strain has caused the crack nlonjr the" lino of the chimney, A large crowd witnessed the (Continued on paje column 6.) 10.000 FIRE He at the ing the for for FOR'SHOPPINC HENRY COUNTY MAN WINS FIVE ACRE CORN CONTEST Hoyt Hardin Produced 120.4 Bus, Pit Acre Won in 1922 With A Yiefd of 120.7 Bus. Hoyt Hardin, Henry county fanner, won the prize of the Indiana t'om Clrowers' Association for pro-liMiiie the greatest amount of corn to the acre, in the 'five-acre' contest nf the association, it was announced today. His yield averaged 120.4 luisheJfi an acreH4- wou the 1022 contest with an nVeraire vield of 120.7 Inishels The melal of the as-iOfiution was awarded to him. 11.

L. Heilman, of Ilnrtliolomew i'ounty, was second with 117.5 hush-els aiicre, and W. S. lfoebuck, Allen county, was third with 117.3 an In the contest pei-sons from fifty-three counties in Indiana were entered. The results of the contest show that fifty-nine contestants produced 100 bushels, or more to the nfie; 12(5 produced 85 to 100 bushels to, the acre, nnd 119 produced 75 to 85 bushels an acre; Jackson county had -no contestants in the five-acre competition this CAR AND TRUCK COLLIDE NEAR CRANE HILL TODAY Emil Heller And George Shepherd Vehicles in Crash Truck Has One Wheel Broken.

A collision between a light truck belonging to Emil Heller, Browns-town orchardist, and a touring cur belonging to9 George Shepherd of Brownstwon occured tins just east. of Crane Hill on the Sey-mour-iBrownstown road about oVlock. The left rear wheel of the truck was broken and the truck went into the shallow side ditch against the fence nt the south side of the road. No one was injured. It is" understood that the truck v'as coming "'m regular Saturday run for "feat hers from local "poultry which tteller-uses in 1 his orchards, and Shepherd was also coming to Seymour on business.

The latter was, passing the truck, it is said, both eastwai-dTioTiTidT-HTrn- evidently not enough allowance wasmade, result-- ing in the crash. DIES OF WCTJNDS George Winkenhofer Goes to Illinois to Attend Uncle Funeral; Oeorge; Winkenhofer was railed to Marshall, this 5 morning by the death! of his' uncle, John Branden-stein. Death was to wounds suffered last' Monday when he accidentally shot -while hunting, it is presumed. 1 i TJie deceased was' 79 yersof age and was in the harness business at Marshall. 1 The Tribune will' receive football scores and the result of Hie race between Zev and In Afcmoriain, which was run this afternoon at Church-hill Down, Louisville.

The scores wiil be received ajfiout 6 o'clock. i SmTrrrniiiiiM 1 Tins MTfcvout-x FELLOWS WOtJ ACIN OR A WHVLE- GETS INTO RECORD Investigation of Veterans' Bureau Turns into Revelations Which Dim Real Question WOMEN FLOCK TO HEARING "Something Rotten in Rome" Seems to Be the Situation Regarding Some of Washington Society. Hy Interrmtional Xew 'Bervice. Washington, Xovembcr 17. The Senatorial investigation of the Unit ed States Veterans' Bureau 'started as a solemn judicial proceeding, was "running' wil today with the in quiry rapidly developing a racy rec ord of alleged amours and indiscre tions on the.

part of men and wo men wjio have familiar figures about Washington. of graft and conspiracy against Colonel Charles If. Forbes, former director, apparently have beet) submerged in attacks upon his private life. In retaliation friendly, to him were ssailing the character of Klias II. Jlortimer, the government's star, witness.

Scores, of fashionably gowned women stormed the committee room to-day to hear more of the spicy, testi-inony, although the hearing is given over to an investigation of the Veterans' Bureau. Instead of dry accounts ou government "red tape," women spectators wanted to hear more witnesses say "She was 'crying, her dress was torn, her eye swollen, she had been bcntcni'-br'irc" whispers "clrnnken (Continued on page 6, column 3. SIX BOYS ARRESTED FOR TRESPASS YESTERDAY Were Attemotinn to Enter Majestic Theatre Through Back Window When Arrested. Six bovs ranging between the ages oflf aiiT15 years were arrested lute Friday afternoon by Of-Jicer Yilley when they were discov-ered respa ssing- on the property of V. Kngleston, one of the proprietors of the Majestic theatre.

The lads will upienr before Judge James Ai Cox some time during next week, when juvenile court will he held in. the city council chamber. (1icer Willey stated that the lads were, endeavoring to enter the Majestic theatre through a back window "of the building when they w'ere discovered by bun. Names of the lads', are: Bess McOannonit Charles Russell, Wray F.arley, Clarence Arbuekle and John MeCormick. It is.

said that the boys have given Mr. Eaglesfon pre-'( trouble. RIOTOUS SOCIETY Break with France Seems Only A Matter of Time Home Election Defers Definite Move. FAVORS ITALY AND SPAIN Anglo-French Entente. Inoperative For Nearly A Year But Both Hesitate to Denounce It.

Hy international Nwn Rfrvlre. ijoniion, Aovcmoer li A new alignment of lmwetw 111 jx'nreil likely today as a result. of 11 breach between England and France. Italy is supporting F.nglan'd nnd. is prepared to dru I rela tions with It is possiblo (hat mutual iigreciuenl nut be reached embracing (Ireat Britain, Italy anil SpnTu.

The. new crisis ains-ling the An glo-IVcnch entente hatf beeit some what, dimmed in British eves by the ooliiicnl It npi's'iirs cerlain that (ireat Bntiim will not make nnv further concessions to France nor tuke any new stejw re garding (leniany and reparations until after the election December 0. It -will be np to the new govern ment to take definite international steps towards a. new entcne if the alliance between Kngland and France is olllciallv (lroken. In this connection, oilicials pointed out today that, to nil intents and pur)MseS, the Anglo-French entente has been inoistrative for nearlv a ear.

Xcither Kngland or France. however, wish to take resonsibIity for denouncinu it oiliciidly. Many British statesmen do nt vant the: entente broken off com plete! v. But they that with Italy's support aud America's moral "tipport, it is possible (he new gov- rnment may he able to make a mow. which will end the, pi possible situation.

feeling is growing in Mme quarters. It is believed thaU aew penalties proposed by France may cause to throw over the disarmament proMisals of the Versailles treaty. Tliis would bring about new French military- action, (Continued on page 3. column 3)' LLOYD GEORGE GOES ON POLITICAL WARPATH Says Weak Man Has Been at Bridge Since Bonar Law was Forced to Quit Premiership. By New Northampton, November 17.

Former Premier Lloyd (icorge took the political warpalh this afternoon assailing Premier. Baldwin und his policies in his first big campaign speech. "My theme," snid the ex-premier, is simply Mr. Baldwin. His gov ernment has madeness of it, try ing to get out or a mess iy raising another issue.

You cannot navigate a grunt ship through lim-hai led full of submerged rocks and reefs with a scratch crew of third class marines whose chief qualification is thntthev also are mutineers. "Since Andrew Bonar La the former premier,) passed away, a weak man has been on the bridge. The mutineers got bold of him and the. 'ship Js going upon the ror-ks, unless the people change the SHERIFF ELECTROCUTED. Found Dead at Door of Garage Af- ter Return from Bluffton.

By International News Service. Fort Wayne, Ind. November 17. Albert A. Abbott, 44, former, sheriff of Allen county and active poli tical circles for the' past ten years, was found dead at the door of his garage shortly after midnight last night.

After an investigation, physicians declared their belief that he had been Mr: Abbott, with his wife and daughter, Jane, had just returned to 4heir home a few min-mtes previously from Bluffton, and be was placing the family automobile in the garage. When he failed to return to thc-houser after about a quarter of an hour, his wife trailed to him from the back door of the house but received 110 answer. She then called a youth residing next door and he led the way to the garage where they found the bodv just outside the garage door with the face buried, deeply in the nnid of i a shrubbery bed. I tires, probnbijv not more than one ed to hear the case by Judge Don-tire a year, yet to be able to get this aker, but Baker is identified with ac- DEW (W OMR III J1SIMS' TRIAL Prisoner Anxious for Speedy Trial But Prosecution May Change Its Charges to include Conspiracy. HOPE BANK NOT YET OPENED Depositors Anxious And Banking Commission Feels Sufficient Tjme Has Been Allowed.

"The trial of J. M. Sims nt -Colum bus, set for next Monday, will probably he held at a later date and un der new affidavits, it is said. When arrested about ten days" ago on charge of Issuing throe fraudulent checks on the Hope State bank for 10,900 he insisted 'on aji early trial nnd November 19 was the date set. Change of venue in judge was ulso ked and C.

S. Baker was appoint- tions unfavorable to Sims and asked to be excused, mid J. W. Conner, another Columbus attorney was ap- pointed special judge. It in now understood that the prosecution does not have its easa prepared aa fully as it wishes nnd ma dismiss the present charges and file new ones at once, hich would include more than the original charges against Sims perhaps in eluding Sims is also seeking through his attorney, C.

Kollmever of Columbus, have his $30,000 Iborids reduced, as he wishes to secure himself temporary liberty. hue the trial proceedings are underway the Staiernank of Hope yet in the 'hands of Morris Stults of the banking Commission: Cnd nothinc definite has been a fi nonnced by the directors or stoclc- holdei's towards reorganization of the institution. IfliT'sa id that the banking commission feels that suffi cient time has been given the bank to decide whether to reorganize and rc finance, or go into, the hands of receiver. The banR bad on deposit about $175,000 jind business men of jijono aiid farmers have been Tint to Ureal inconvenience because their; fun(9 oro tied up. Thev ore very anxious that the bank take delinite action so that funds ma be relented.

Men Wanted. j0 Attend Bible study class at Fjrst Methodist Sunday School at :15, Sunday morning. Hear inter. estin? discussions of lesson by Y. yf.

Whitson, teaehenj" Committee. Rummage Sale Old Tnustine Room from to (i o'clock, Sat urday, Xovr 1 7, nlO-17 Tip's Yellow Taxi. Any time, anywhere. Phone i 17. Residence C7.

Tin Richardson. impeachment trial opened this morn- j' ing. In the last two or three days of the' trial, the' susM'nded governor's attorneys had gamed stendilv and were Miknig the" offensive "away from volume wfien needed would in many instances save property which would far outbalance tKo few hun- dred dollars extra cost between that-nnd a smaller capacity. In a report Councilman Ahlbrand stated that he had been conferring with Charles II. "consulting engineer of Indianapolis, who drew plans for a new sanitary sewage system for Seymour, and he stated that he was- willing to-eo-operatu with the city in every way he can to install a sewage system her I spoke in particular of the dm- posnl plant' which will be one of the taetors or greatest importance installation of 'the sewage "systemj and stated that one similar to the needs of Seymour hasjust beefl omnleted for the state reformatory Pendleton, Ind.

Ho suggested that councilmen from this city visit plant 'in Pendleton, and that they will gain infonnation on many important factors concerning the I disposal plant which will materially assist them when making plans for construction of the disposal plant here. It was decided at the meet- last night that all jnembers of council who find it jwssiblo should visit the retormatory at Pendleton to view thej disposal plant there. The ordinance nuikinsr it necessary all owners of dogs over three months of age to regrster their am- mala, at the office of the city -clerk was pased after its final "xctHP inc last nirhf One clause in the ordinance-which-stated that, regis tration fee will foe from $3 to was changed to from $2 to $3 be- final vote forits passaco was taken. After the first of each year owners will now be required to register their Iogs, giving a dc- (Continued on page 4, column C) is 9 the state, when a sudden swoon swept all martial law charges into the temporary discard and left the klan defense structure tottering. SHELL SHOCK VICTIM Fcund Wandering Near Brazil And Is Returned To His Home P.y International Nw Service.

Brazil, Nov. 17 A ''man who was picked up, wanderiiig along the banks of the Eel river in the south part of Clay county three weeks ago has just been identified as John Plunnner, age 31, of IVedericksbursr, li who hai been missing six years. hits' been suffering from loss of It was thought' that was insane, bjit from papers in hi possession it dovelo)ied that he is a worbl-war -eteaii--d shell 'shock The Brazil p-t ot tit American Legion took up the c-is and found Pluninier's inotiicr Fiyderickshurg. Food Sale. WV II.

M. S. of First M. church' will hold a Kc sler building. 1.

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