The Women Who Could Compete For A Female BMF Title Belt (2024)

If the UFC decides to create a female version of the BMF title, there is a decent list of fighters whose styles and career accomplishments make them a perfect fit.

The BMF title got a significant boost from Max Holloway's legendary buzzer-beater KO of Justin Gaethje at UFC 300.

When it seemed the gimmick was wearing thin, Holloway's almost cinema-like finish made it a bigger deal than when it was initially created ahead of the Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal fight at UFC 244 in 2019.

Recently, former UFC Women's Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk said she would be willing to come out of retirement if the UFC created a BMF title. Her statement was the jumpoff for this article, so it's only right that Jedrzejczyk starts off my list.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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Though Jedrzejczyk was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, it appears she still has the desire to fight.

She wants to fight for the BMF title, but the powers that be aren’t showing a willingness to create the opportunity for her or any other woman just yet. Based on Jedrzejczyk’s hard-charging style, which is packed with superb striking and toughness, she easily fits as a BMF title contender.

Irene Aldana

Few women in the UFC are as gifted in stand-up as Aldana.

She has ascended to a point in her career where she has challenged for the bantamweight title, falling short against Amanda Nunes in June 2023. Aldana is expected to face Norma Dumont at Riyadh Season Noche UFC in September, it’ll be her first fight since she won a blood bath against Karol Rosa in December 2023.

That fight proved Aldana’s fit for the BMF.

Jessica Andrade

Though not the rangiest fighter, Andrade has the kind of one-punch power that makes her a threat against almost anyone in three weight classes. She has won a strawweight title, but she has gone 6-7 since reaching the peak of her career.

Andrade is set to face Natalia Silva on September 7, but she could be an excellent competitor for anyone under consideration for a BMF title fight.

Holly Holm

Though she has always been regarded as one of the sport's most kind and even-keeled people, Holm is a fierce competitor. Her striking has always been next-level, and her toughness can never be questioned.

Holm’s upset win over Ronda Rousey in November 2015 made her a legend. Since then, she has gone 5-7 with a no contest. Holm is 42 years old, and Dana White has expressed a desire for her to retire from the sport after a lopsided loss to Kayla Harrison at UFC 300.

However, if Holm does continue, she has just as much right in a BMF fight as anyone on this list.

Amanda Lemos

Weili Zhang defeated Lemos via unanimous decision at UFC 292 in August 2023. While another title shot is not out of the question for Lemos, the 37-year-old’s wrecking-ball fighting style has BMF written all over it.

Like Andrade, she possesses fight-ending power in her hands, but she may never conquer Weili–even if she does get a second shot at the champion. Lemos could achieve another brand of recognition as a BMF titleholder.

Molly McCann

Though McCann will probably never be a title contender in the UFC, she does have a crowd-pleasing style, power in her hands, and toughness.

McCann has never been stopped with strikes as a professional, and she can hold her own against almost anyone besides the most elite grapplers. That’s the formula for a BMF contender.

Amanda Nunes

Don’t get me wrong, the GWOAT doesn’t need another title. If we’re being honest, the BMF belt needs her more than she needs it. Nunes’ reign as champion was about as dominant as any man or woman in UFC history, with the exception of Demetrious Johnson at flyweight.

The Lioness has retired, but there have been stirrings suggesting a return to the Octagon is possible. If it were to happen, the fight she would be offered would have to be exciting and worth her time monetarily.

A BMF title fight against the right opponent could make sense for Nunes, and there would be no better way to launch the initiative.

Mayra Bueno Silva

Though she sometimes seems a bit disconnected during her fights, there is no questioning Silva’s toughness or striking power.

In her most recent fight, a TKO loss to Macy Chiasson at UFC 302, Silva displayed the will to continue despite one of the most hellacious gashes you’ll ever see on her forehead. At this point, having lost an opportunity to become the women’s bantamweight champion against Raquel Pennington at UFC 297 and the subsequent fight with Chiasson, Silva needs something to revive her career.

An impressive showing in a BMF fight might do the trick.

Paige VanZant

Hear me out.

While VanZant hasn’t competed in the UFC since July 2020, she has been active in combat sports since exiting the UFC.

VanZant has competed in two bareknuckle boxing matches, a traditional boxing match, and she made her Power Slap debut in June during International Fight Week.

VanZant has found fame as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and her OnlyFans account has proven financially fruitful. The combination of combat sports experience, toughness and notoriety could make her a perfect fit for BMF.

Angela Hill

Last but not least, one of the most underrated fighters in the UFC over the past 10 years, Hill is the epitome of toughness.

The 30-fight veteran has fallen short of beating the biggest names in the UFC, but she is on a two-fight win streak after a submission victory over Luana Pinheiro in her last fight.

Hill is a brawler with some technical striking skill, but she’s at her best and most entertaining when engaged in a brawl.

Seeing her get a chance to prove herself in a BMF fight would be interesting.

The Women Who Could Compete For A Female BMF Title Belt (2024)


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